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I am a queer fantasy and erotica artist. I am fascinated by nature strange and familiar, myths and fairy tales, popular culture, vulture culture, the sensuality and sexuality that even today is in many ways taboo, and certain flavours of horror.

I work with a variety of media and often switch around. I like exploring new techniques and mixing things up; experimenting is how I like to keep things fresh.

But some of the things that I always return to are watercolours and plain old pencil. They, in their simplicity yet infinite potential have been friends to me on my art journey since childhood.

Thematically I lean heavily towards escapist fantasy, cherishing the could-be that draws me in, and keeps me going when reality appears bleak. Mythos and pop culture are drenched in stories that have something to offer to so many, and  fleshing out my own interpretations and creations is both a personal and an interpersonal experience.

On occasion art is the place to bring out the ugly and the hurt, to heal and to find comfort. I find calming beauty in gruesome and terrible, and horror in the palatable. Such seemingly contradictory themes and elements are a source of catharsis to me.

People are complicated, I am complicated. To me, whimsical joy without something to balance it out easily feels empty.

crop of the artwork "Bitch" by Julle Seera
self portrait of artist Julle Seera


Get rid of the longing, we can't let people know that we yearn 

—someone on the Internet on an edited screenshot of COMPANY IS COMING 

  • Finnish, born in the 90s

  • they/them

  • can be found across the webs under the alias silverybeast

  • artist trading card enthusiast and collector

  • writer and worldbuilder, though not so active on that department

  • Queer & kinky


2019 – 2021  Pekka Halosen akatemia

 visual arts vocational degree

 Media-alan ja kuvallisen ilmaisun perustutkinto, kuvallisen ilmaisun toteuttaja, kuvataiteen suuntautumisala

2021  Ouroboros Graduation group exhibition

@ Helsinki, Kaapelitehdas

2010  Solo exhibition

@ Tuusula, Tuusulan pääkirjasto

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